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Blog Optimization Service

As of 2011, there were about 173 million active blogs out there, each jostling for attention. Despite the stupendous popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogs still remain an effective medium of online buzz and news.

For many, blogs are a source of regular income. The richest blogger today earns about $8,00,000 every month!

Blogs also work as a great marketing tool for businesses. In fact, blogs were one of the first mediums to interact with your target audience online. They continue to play that role even today.

Not getting enough visitors on your blog? Maybe it is time to get your blog optimized for search engines.

Contrary to popular opinion, simply updating your blog regularly over the course of an year won’t make it popular. You have to do some things right in order to increase the visitor count to your blog. That’s what is called blog optimization.

Something as simple as your blog template can have an effect on your visibility and search engine rankings.

If you have a blog theme unrelated to what you are writing about, people will be less inclined to stay on your blog. That always has an adverse effect on the search engine rankings of your blog.

But you don’t need to worry when Semwhizz is here!

Whether you are carrying on with your blogging effort for quite some time, or have only recently started, we can help you with our blog optimizations services.

We pay attention to the small things and the larger picture as well when it comes to blog post optimization. With our blog SEO services, we see to it that your blog gets the required attention.

You could be a business looking to fetch more customers through your blog, or you could be an individual looking to make through blogging, we can help you in every case.

We have an experienced team with us which has helped businesses and individuals kick start their blogging efforts. We know what it takes to take the visitor count from 5 a day to 500 a day in no time at all!

Often, blog optimization is a mix of search engine optimization techniques and social media marketing!

At Semwhizz, we do everything it takes to get your blog the required eyeballs. From building a rapport with influential bloggers to coming out with a blog promotion strategy, we do it all on your behalf.

The Semwhizz advantage

We have a team which has handled diverse projects

We have handled blogs where the aim was lead generation. We have handled blogs where the aim was revenue generation. We have handled blogs for several industry segments. At Semwhizz, we have handled diverse projects with sufficient ease and success.

Commitment to results

We don’t blow our own trumpet for nothing. We let the results back our claims. At Semwhizz, you always get a result oriented approach.

Just the right price

Of course, we are a business and we are here to make money. But we will never rip your pockets just to make extra profit. At Semwhizz, you always get the right price for blog marketing and other services. And we never discriminate. You could be a big business with large pockets, or a guy-next-door, we always adopt a uniform pricing policy!

If popularity for your blog is what you are looking for, we can help you out!

Just let us know a few details about the purpose of the blog and we will get started. To know more about our blog optimization services, feel free to contact us. We would love to answer your questions!