Facebook Fan Page Design

Create fans out of likes on your Facebook page. Customize your page with our Facebook Fan Page design services

Facebook Fan Page Design

Facebook is the largest social media network out there, connecting more than 800 million users from across the world.

With such a vast audience to cater to, a Facebook fan page has become an integral part of marketing for most companies, big and small. However, just having a Facebook fan page will not guarantee success in the increasingly cluttered social media world.

According to statistics, an average Facebook user is connected to about 80 Facebook pages or communities.

To make matters even more complicated, 90% of users never go back and check the pages they have liked. They just lie dormant in their profiles.

As a marketing strategy, that is just waste of time, even if you manage to get thousands of likes on your page. If people don’t come back to your page, your social media marketing strategy is sure to be a cropper.

That’s why, it is important to make your Facebook fan page stand out from the rest. That is what we are here. We offer Facebook fan page design services that help you get noticed in the crowded world of Facebook.

Our Facebook fan page designing services help you with:

Keeping your online brand image coherent

In order to have a good recall value, it is important to have a consistent brand image. In a world where consumers are bombarded with a marketing message every 15 seconds, a good recall value is essential for the bottom line. We customize Facebook fan page, taking care of your brand’s color scheme, identity, target audience and everything else.

Optimizing Facebook’s new Timeline

Recently, Facebook has made the Timeline profile mandatory for all fan pages. It is an effort on part of Facebook to have brand stories instead of information simply sitting there. However, most are finding it tough to come to terms with the new Timeline profile.

At Semwhizz, we have understood the potential that Timeline holds for marketing a business on Facebook. We can help you design a Facebook fan page that optimizes the various possibilities offered by the new Timeline format. We design a story around your brand that quickly catches the attention of your target audience.

Driving traffic to your business

A Facebook fan page design isn’t just about looking snazzy and cool. It is also about connecting with your consumers and getting them interested in your products and services. At Semwhizz, we take care that the designing part helps you connect with your core audience, thus driving traffic to your business.

With our integrated Facebook marketing services, we can even make your Facebook fan page into a lead generation tool, thus giving you tangible benefits of social media marketing.

If you are already on Facebook, we can help you make your presence on Facebook even better with our Facebook fan page design services.

If you are looking to make a smashing start on Facebook, we can again help you with a customized Facebook fan page that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Capture the attention of your fans on Facebook from the word go. For custom Facebook fan page, send us an e-mail at info@semwhizz.com We design Facebook pages that people just love visiting and sharing!