International SEO

Respect internet; reach out to the world; transcend boundaries; make your business global with our international SEO services.

International SEO (Multilingual SEO)

According to World Internet Numbers, more than 85% of internet users live outside North America.

Most of this population speaks language other than English. In essence, that means, if you are to reach this vast population of internet users, you have to do it in a language that they use and understand. That’s where the importance of international SEO (Multilingual SEO) kicks in.

If you have a small, local business and you intend to keep it that way, you don’t need to bother with SEO. However, if you are a business striving for a global presence, it is imperative to invest in international SEO services.

Unlike traditional SEO, international SEO differs a lot in its approach, the most obvious difference being the use of many languages.

Simply relying on automatic translations won’t get you anywhere.

In fact, with that approach, you will find yourself begging and pleading with search engine crawlers to index your website.

At Semwhizz, we offer you multilingual SEO services. We have in-house experts who are proficient in several global languages, including those used in the Middle Eastern part of the world.

Content is always an important part of SEO strategy, be it local or international SEO. With the help of our in-house experts, we can create a multi-lingual content strategy from scratch for your business. When it comes to ranking on Google in multiple languages, human intervention is always more beneficial than relying in machines.

At Semwhizz, we see to it that there is as much human intervention as possible when it comes to multilingual SEO!

Did you know having language specific extensions in your URL actually helps in international search engine optimization?

For example, URLs such as and work better than other forms of URL for multilingual SEO.

It is small aspects of SEO such as these which we pay attention to while formulating and implementing an international SEO strategy for your business.

Did you know the way your website is designed also has an impact on your international SEO efforts?

People in different parts of the world prefer different website designs. In fact, it is not just about the design only. People in different cultures may use different search terms for the same item even when they speak the same languages.

For example, British people tend to search for “shoes”, while those in the US tend to search for “sneakers” when looking for casual shoes.

An in-depth understanding of different cultures is an important part of international SEO (multilingual SEO). At Semwhizz, we have experts in different parts of the world who have an intimate understanding of different cultures and traditions.

That diversity allows us to formulate winning multilingual SEO strategies that bring your business global eyeballs in the online world.

Let us help you out with your international SEO efforts!

We have the right experience and the expertise to handle your multilingual SEO needs. If you have been struggling with your international SEO efforts, just give us a shot!

We do not promise you the moon, but we definitely promise you tangible results that are your money’s worth!