Local SEO

A local approach is the first step to going global. Let us help you put that first step right!

Local SEO Services

According to estimates, more than 60% of all searches on Google have local intent to them. In fact, Google and other leading search engines themselves have tweaked their ranking algorithms in the recent past to cater to local searches.

For example, Google tweaked its algorithm this year to include more local results in its searches for instances where local intent is present. Thus, you don’t have to type “Restaurants in Denver” specifically for better results. If you are in Denver and you search for restaurants, in all probability, Google will throw up majority local results.

Put simply, if you have been ignoring local SEO thus far, you have been losing out on sizeable business.

It is not just small businesses which need local SEO. Even big organizations can benefit a lot from local search engine optimization.

Contrary to popular belief, local SEO is not that hard a task. All it takes is attention to the small details. For example, something as simple as listing your business in Google Places can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.  

At Semwhizz, we take care of the small stuff so that you get the big stuff, that is, more customers.

We have experienced search engine optimization experts who have studied the trends of local SEO over the years. They are keyed in to changing algorithms and changing SEO practices all the time. We may not be the only one who can give you quality local SEO services. However, we are certainly one of the best out there.

We can always back that claim with our result driven approach, something that we take pride in.

55% of all searches on mobile devices have local intent to them. The smartphone market is increasing rapidly, which means the volume of local searches on mobile devices is increasing too.

At Semwhizz, we can combine our prowess in mobile SEO with local search engine optimization to give you maximum benefits. Know more about our mobile SEO services, and the difference between mobile SEO and traditional SEO.

What makes us different?

There are plenty of other service providers who are offering local SEO services. What makes us different? To start with, it is our quality content team. Be it local search engine optimization or international SEO, content marketing is an essential part of ranking at the very top of search engines.

We have a quality team of content writers who are well versed in marketing psyche. We use content marketing not just as a medium to fetch backlinks. Rather, we use it to establish your authority in your field of business.

And it is not just English speaking audience that we cater to. You could be looking for local SEO in French, Spanish, German or any of the other languages. At Semwhizz, we have language experts who can handle the job well. We have the in-house prowess to handle local SEO strategy in many different languages.

Of course, when you hire us for your Google local SEO needs, you always get the assurance of quality and timely delivery. That is always a given at Semwhizz!

Even if you have tried several other vendors without much success in local SEO, just give us a shout! We will make it work for you, without resorting to any black hat techniques.

Let us know your requirements with the expected timeline and budget. We will get back to you with the best possible quote and take our first steps towards a possible long term relationship!