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Watch out before you get your mobile website designed

Design is always an intrinsic part of search engine optimization. However, it is all the more relevant when it comes to mobile SEO. Major search engines like Google take into account the usability of your mobile site in order to rank it in its mobile search results.

According to official statements from Google, their search engine ranking bots prefer a responsive design. In simpler words, if you have one URL for your desktop as well as mobile website, you are likely to rank higher.

However, ranking in the top mobile search results is still possible even if you do not adopt a responsive design approach.

At Semwhizz, we can get you to the very top of search results on the mobile platform as well.

If you haven’t thought about mobile SEO yet, here is why you should:

  • There are about 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide as of 2011.

  • A sizeable portion of this subscriber base is smartphone users, and that portion is increasing fast.

  • 17% of the total population in the world has an active broadband subscription for their mobile devices. That’s about 1.2 billion subscriptions.

There are a whole lot of other numbers which suggest that increasingly, people are accessing web on their mobile devices. With increasing market share, the visibility war in the mobile space is increasing too, and hence, the need for mobile SEO.

However, mobile SEO is a fairly new field. Most people are still grappling with the nitty gritties of it. At Semwhizz, we won’t say we have mastered it. However, we have solved a larger portion of the puzzle than others have.

That puts us an advantage when it comes to mobile SEO services, and we are ready to pass on that advantage to you.

We can devise platform specific mobile SEO strategies and generic strategies. Be it visibility on Apple’s iPhone, Apple’s iPad, or any other mobile device you are looking for, we can get you there.

At Semwhizz, we have SEO experts who constantly strive to get better at their jobs. When you hire Semwhizz as your mobile SEO company, you get:

Tangible returns on your investment

With our mobile SEO strategies, we give you returns you can measure. We make sure that your money is always well spent.

An efficient team

At Semwhizz, we make sure that the task is done as quickly as possible without taking any shortcuts. We will never do anything unethical and never suggest it too. We always adopt an ethical approach to search engine optimization, and yet, manage to get the work done in the quickest possible time.


We tell the situation as is. We will never mislead you with false promises just to get a project. You can be sure of that.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, take mobile SEO services seriously. Get in touch with us for quality mobile SEO services that get you the results.

You will not be disappointed!