Online marketing is not rocket science. At least not for us

Online Marketing Services

Getting you the much needed eyeballs in the congested online world is what Semwhizz is all about. Whether it is through web designing services, or search engine optimization services, we leave no stone unturned to make sure your online business reaches the maximum possible audience.

Back in the 90s, display advertisements and banners did the job when it came to web marketing. By early 2000s, web marketing strategy needed a more complex equation of pay per click management and organic search engine results.

Come 2005, and social networking and Web 2.0 changed the online marketing landscape for good. Today, in order to survive in the online world, you need a complex marketing strategy comprising of social media optimization, search engine optimization, pay per click management, online reputation management, and not to forget, responsive web design.

For each brand, a different permutation and combination is needed of those different fields of online marketing. It can be a tricky task to get the right permutation and combination.

But that’s what we are here for. We make that tricky task very simple for you. With our web marketing services, we take the onus of strategizing and implementing everything related to online marketing. We also take the onus of seeing to it that your online presence is a success from the word go.

Here is what we offer as part of our online web marketing services:

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization has come a long way from its early days of simply churning out keyword rich content. With latest updates from Google, ranking your website in the top 10 has become more complex. You need user-specific content that is interesting to read, apart from everything else.

Simply building backlinks from bogus sources just won’t work. At Semwhizz, we closely follow the latest in the field of SEO. That helps us give our clients top notch search engine optimization services.

White hat SEO in the fastest possible time is what you get with us.

Search engine marketing

Bidding for the most competitive or the least competitive keywords isn’t going to ensure success when it comes to pay per click management. You need a much more refined strategy than that.

You need to figure out your target audience, list of keywords you are ranking for on Google etc. And every now and then, you need to make certain changes in your PPC campaign based on your budget, conversion rate and success.

Managing a PPC campaign can be a full-time job. At Semwhizz, we make it easier for you with our search engine marketing services. We plan, execute and manage pay per click campaigns for small as well as large businesses.

Social media marketing

It has almost been 8 years since social networking first burst onto the scene. Most people are still trying to figure out the right way to market their products and services on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook alone has more than 800 million active members, which is like a treasure trove for marketers. However, the wrong approach could quickly tarnish your image in the online world than bring you more customers. And word in the online world spreads faster than fire in a forest.

At Semwhizz, we make the task of social media marketing easier for you. Be it Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Linkedin marketing, or marketing or any other network you are looking for, we have experts who can handle it for you.

You can trust us! We will never let you put a foot wrong.

Web designing

Responsive web design is an integral part of online web marketing. In fact, it is whole crux of online marketing. Just come to think of it- you are doing everything right- you are ranking well on Google, your social media marketing strategy is doing great, and you are getting leads by the dozen on your website.

However, if those leads do not stay long enough on your website, it is no use. A good web design is what you need in order to hold all your online marketing strategies together.

Good web design isn’t just about using fancy buttons, good colors, and a good font. It is about giving your potential customers an easily navigable experience.

If you feel you could benefit from any of those services, get in touch with us. We will gauge your requirements and give you the best possible quote! Don’t worry, if the partnership does not materialize, we won’t keep pestering with incessant calls or e-mails!