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About Semwhizz - A Search Engine Marketing Company

Online marketing is like playing a sport- you just can’t rely on one winning formula. You need to adapt to different situations in order to win.

We are a search engine marketing company that prides itself in choosing horses for the courses. In other words, we come up a customized online marketing strategy for each of our clients, depending on the budget, timeline, audience and everything else.

If you are looking for quality search engine marketing, social media marketing and Pay Per Click Services, Semwhizz can stand up to your expectations. We are not one of those organizations which treat “quality” as just another word.

We always deliver what we promise, because we believe in building long term relationships.

The start of our journey

The journey of Semwhizz in the field of web designing and search engine marketing began back in 2005. Mr. Gunjan Pandya decided to explore the field of online marketing and web designing, gathering first- hand knowledge and experience of the tricky field.

7 years down the line, Semwhizz has become a name to reckon with when it comes to result driven search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, and social media optimization. Today, the organization has several experts in the team who work closely with clients to make sure their marketing and designing needs are met.

Semwhizz differentiators

Of course we are offering services that thousands of other companies are offering out there. So, what makes us so special? There are quite a few things, but for starters:

We have done experiential learning-

We don’t give you stats just on paper, or make you a fancy marketing plan that shows you the moon. We give you online marketing plans that we know will work. We know they work because we have tried them ourselves. We have gathered knowledge in the field over the course of 7 years. We use every bit of that knowledge to help you grab eyeballs in the online world.

We handle Multi-lingual marketing-

We have not confined ourselves to English alone. We have language experts who can handle search engine marketing in several languages. If you have been relying on Google translator so far, that may not be the best strategy to get top rankings. We can truly take your online marketing efforts global.

We adhere to time-

Time is crucial, there is no doubt about that. That’s why, at Semwhizz, you always get timely execution of all the projects. When we say always, we mean it.

Our philosophy

Relationships, whether personal or professional, are always built on trust. Trust is what you get at Semwhizz. We never vanish on you after promising you something. We are always easy to get in touch with. And we always tell you a situation as it is.

If getting your website in the top 10 on Google will take X amount of months, we will tell you X amount of months.

What also makes Semwhizz stand out in the field of search engine marketing services is its approach to professional relationships.

We do not restrict ourselves to client-vendor relations. Instead, we make every effort to forge long-term, meaningful, and profitable business partnerships.

When you hire us for your online marketing and web designing needs, you can be rest assured we will be there for you through thick and thin. We are always just a call or e-mail away.

If peace of mind and tangible results is what you are looking for in online marketing and website designing, give us a shout. We will be glad to forge another partnership that’s profitable for everyone involved!