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Ask any SEO expert out there about search engine optimization and winning strategies, and here is the most probable reply you would get-

“Ranking a website in top 10 on Google has become very tough!”

Google has made a series of major changes in its ranking algorithm over the past one year. It has come down heavily on bogus backlinks and content farms which have useless content. It has also diversified its search results page.

If you have paid attention, you would have noticed that search results on Google now are a mix of images, videos and text links.

In essence, that means videos can be another great source to get unique visitors to your website!

That’s what makes video SEO such a great search engine optimization strategy.

But here is the catch- According to estimates, there is about 20 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute, and about 10,000,000 hours of video every year.

In simple terms, that means there is a lot of competition already in the video marketing field, and it is only growing with each passing day.

To make matters worse, here is another catch- Google can’t read the content of videos, at least not yet. It relies on the title of the video and other meta-tags attributed to it in order to rank the video.

Again, in simple terms, that means there is not a lot you can do for video search optimization. In fact, most people rely on crossing their fingers in order to rank their videos at the very top of search engine rankings.

At Semwhizz though, we know small little strategies that can make video search engine optimization work for you. When it comes to youtube video optimization or video optimization for other platforms, it usually boils down to small things like submitting a video sitemap to Google, keeping the title of your video very specific, using generic tags etc.

At Semwhizz, we have gathered considerable knowledge about video SEO through trial and practice. We are now ready to pass on that knowledge to you!

In fact, our video SEO services are not limited to video search optimization alone. Often, it is combined with online video marketing, which entails use of social media channels to get your video the required eyeballs!

You don’t have to be lucky in order to have your video go viral!

Often, it takes good content and a smart strategy to achieve that.

At Semwhizz, we can take care of the strategy and the implementation part. If you have a good video that just hasn’t reached the expected number of audience, we will be glad to help you out!

You could be a business looking to fetch audience through video marketing, or you could be an individual selling your own talent through videos, we don’t mind working with anyone.

We can get your videos noticed!

To know more about our video SEO services, give us a shout! We will happy to share our knowledge and work out a mutually profitable partnership!