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Letting words work their magic in bringing you more customers!

Web Content Writing Services

Online content writing isn’t about satisfying search engines like Google. That is a common myth prevalent in the online world. The basic purpose of online content writing is to communicate with your potential customers in the best manner possible.

Cater to your customers and you will more often than not, cater to search engines.

At Semwhizz, we don’t just offer you content writing services. Rather, we offer you content writing services that contribute to your business.

Often, content writing for the online world is a fine balance of keyword rich content that’s useful for your audience. Through years of experience, we have perfected that fine balance, giving you content that gets the job done.

At Semwhizz, we offer:

Website content writing

Your website is often the primary point of contact with your potential customers. Thus, it is important that your website content is clear, concise, and makes a strong selling point for your products and services.

At Semwhizz, you get exactly that. We have an experienced team of online content writers who are known for their innovative bent of mind. They also well versed with the basics of search engine optimization.

Thus, what you get at Semwhizz is strong web copywriting with enough keyword density to rank at the top of search engines.

You don’t need 600 words content for every page of your website.

In fact, when it comes to web content writing, it is never about quality, it is about quantity. Even 100 good words written on your web page can increase your conversion rates.

It is about putting across your products and services in the best possible manner.

We contribute to your conversion rate with our content writing services.

Everybody can write, but only a few can tell stories!

When it comes to web content writing, telling enchanting stories about your business is what we specialize in. We tell stories that get your potential audience hooked and interested in your business.

Not sure how to differentiate your business from the rest out there?

We can help you out with our knowledge of playing with words. Website content writing isn’t about making tall claims or writing lies. In fact, it is always about telling the truth.

The trick is to tell the truth in a positive manner, a manner which convinces your visitors about your products or services.

If more convincing content on your website is what you are looking for, get in touch with us. We can make it happen.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is a whole different ball game than web content writing. With SEO copywriting, you are primarily catering to search engines. However, with recent updates from Google like Google Panda, SEO content has also become a lot about the human aspect of it.

Simply writing keyword rich articles and submitting them to article directories isn’t going to get you anywhere!

With recent Google updates, focus is on the quality of content. And quality is what we focus on at Semwhizz, without missing out on the SEO part of it.

Our team of content writers has the knack of doing in-depth research on almost every topic out there. It has also the knack of converting that research into interesting articles that rank well on Google.

If your search engine optimization strategy has failed so far, maybe your content strategy is to blame for it.

Get in touch with us for SEO copywriting services to give a new lease of life to your SEO efforts. We have made it happen for businesses across verticals. We can do the same for you!

Everything else

As long as it is online content writing, you can trust us to deliver human optimized and search engine optimized content. Be it blog writing, press release writing or something else, we can handle anything and everything under the sun.