Web Design Services

At Semwhizz, you don’t just get a web design. You get a web design that works wonders

Web Design Services

First impression is often the last impression. That statement cannot be any truer than in the case of a website. The way your website looks has an immediate impact on your overall branding. According to a recent research, an average user takes about 1/20th of a second to decide whether to continue on a website or look for something else.

But despite the importance of aesthetics alone, it is not about the aesthetics alone. It is about giving the users a functional web design that they can easily navigate.

At Semwhizz, we satisfy all the goals of web site design. We design web pages that don’t just look good but solve the purpose of design as well, that is, to keep users on your website for longer.

Our web design services take into account the overall branding of your company to have a website that’s in tune with your overall marketing strategy. But it does not end at that though.

We never make quality as an excuse for delay in projects. We are a professional company which always strives to give you the best in the shortest timeframe possible. With us, you get the twin advantage of getting awesome work within tough deadlines.

Our web design services include the following:

Logo Design

Logo designing is not about creating something complex and esoteric. In fact, simple logos have the maximum impact on your target audience. And if you thought a logo does not have much an impact on your business, you couldn’t be more wrong.

A logo which is not in tune with the overall style of business will ultimately drive away customers. As humans, we form our expectations from what we are shown to start with. That’s the case with food and that’s the case with logos too.

At Semwhizz, we give you logo design services that create something inclusive to your brand, rather than something arbitrary.

HTML5 Web Design

People don’t just browse internet on their desktops and laptops alone these days. There are smartphones and tablets too, each device having its own size and display. In fact, browsing on mobile devices is fast overtaking browsing on desktops and laptops. As a business, ignoring tablet and smartphones can have serious repercussions.

Helping you cater to this sizeable customer base is HTML5 web design. HTML5 helps create a responsive web design that can adjust itself according to the screen resolution, the display size etc. In other words, you don’t have to make entirely new websites for different platforms.

At Semwhizz, we have expert HTML5 web designers that can help unleash the power of this improved design language.

CSS3 Web Design

CSS3 is the latest version of CSS, packed with several new features that let designers push the boundaries of traditional web design. There is a whole lot that can be done with CSS3, including rounded borders, custom fonts, border image and a lot more.

In layman terms, the improved language can help in creating entirely unique websites in terms of design and aesthetics. Of course, just like a car is as good as its driver, design language is as good as the coders.

At Semwhizz, we have creative personnel who can use different elements of CSS3 web design to its full potential. We help you take your website to new levels of aesthetic simplicity with our CSS3 web design services.

Custom Web Design

Most of the times, picking up a design theme online and tweaking it to fit your needs just does not work. As a business, you need a whole lot of different things in your website design to cater to your target audience. At Semwhizz, we can help you achieve that with our custom web design services.

Through custom web designing, we design every element of your website from scratch, thus giving you a tailor made branding solution. And if thought it is going to cost you a lot or take a lot of time, think again. At Semwhizz, we offer affordable custom web design service in the quickest possible time.

Ecommerce Web Design

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to ecommerce web design. After all, users are meant to purchase from you without physically touching the product. You cannot expect your target audience to buy from your website when you don’t have a clear check out page, you have an obscure search bar, your website looks spammy, or any such issues.

With our ecommerce web design services, we make sure that the customers who visit your website do not go away because they could not trust you. Getting customers to your ecommerce website is also an important part of our design services, which are search engine optimized.

Website Redesigning

You could be looking for rebranding your entire organization, or you could be looking to set right a job that was not well done to start with. We have no qualms about redoing somebody else’s work. We offer website redesigning services, which can take care of a few elements, or revamp your website completely, depending on your requirements.

Facebook Fan Page Design

According to a rough estimate, there are about 4 million brands on Facebook, each with their own fan page. However, most brands fail to generate enough hype on their pages. What makes some brands click on Facebook and others fail?

Among other reasons, custom designed Facebook fan pages are a critical factor of success and failure. People are more likely to like a company’s page that is coherent with the complete branding of the company.

At Semwhizz, we offer Facebook fan page design services that help you tap into the 800 million+ potential customer base on the social networking site.

Wordpress Customization

If you are looking for a really fast and cost effective solution to establish an online business, or an online presence, customizing wordpress themes is an ideal option. There are more than 1500 free Wordpress themes, apart from thousands of paid ones that you can tweak according to your requirements.

Wordpress custom design works best for individuals who are looking to blog to earn money, or small organizations which do not want to spend much on their online presence and branding.

We offer Wordpress theme customization that gives you a professional solution at a really affordable cost.