Wordpress Customization

We know little plugins and tricks that can make Wordpress a whole new experience for you

Wordpress Customization Services

Wordpress is a great platform to run a blog or a website. It is search engine friendly and supports several awesome features for increased customer interaction, such as commenting, widgets etc.

There are hundreds of Wordpress themes out there you can choose from and get started with a website or blog. However, often, Wordpress themes do not go with your business image, or with what you have in mind.

That’s where our Wordpress theme customization services come into picture. We can help you mould a Wordpress theme the way you want to.

  • Need social networking widgets on your website? We can do it for you.
  • Need wackier header graphics? We can do that too.
  • Need to customize the sidebar on your Wordpress theme? We can handle that as well.

Be it any feature you are looking for in your default Wordpress theme, a design element, or a technical component, we can deliver the desired results.

Our Wordpress customization services include the following:

Installation of Wordpress Custom Template

Every now and then, updated versions of Wordpress come out in the market, which are more stable than the previous versions. At Semwhizz, we make sure we install the best version of Wordpress according to the features you are looking for.

Customization of plugins

There are several Wordpress plugins to give you different functionalities. For example, there is a plugin which lets you schedule your blog posts in advance. However, plugins may not suit your requirements every time. At Semwhizz, we can help you with plugins customization to meet your exact requirements.

We can even develop an entirely new pluging if a need arises!

Search engine friendly design

Design plays an important role in search engine optimization. Put too many heavy elements in a website and the loading time increases. As the loading time increases, your search engine rankings take a hit. That’s just one of the scenarios where bad design can affect your search engine rankings. When we customize a Wordpress theme, we make sure that the search engine quotient is kept in mind.

We always give you search engine friendly Wordpress theme customization.

“Widgetization” of your theme

Widgets help you control the various elements on a page without having to muck with the code. At Semwhizz, we can help you “widgetize” several elements in your website. That ways, you can control these elements the way you want even without our help. You do not need any knowledge of coding and the job is done within minutes.

Even if you do not have an idea, we can help you out

Sometimes, you have no idea on how your website should look. Yet, you are looking for something creative, something which makes your Wordpress based website stand out from the rest. You can leave the thinking part, as well as the execution part to us.

We not only have developers with us who can take care of the coding part. We have creative designers too who are really good at thinking out of the box. With our Wordpress customization services, you can be rest assured that your website would leave a good impression on your visitors.

Whether you are an individual looking to customize your blog, or a company looking to redesign your Wordpress based website, you can always expect professional solutions from us.

Fast, awesome, and value for money- that’s the kind of service you get at Semwhizz.

If you would like help with Wordpress customization too, let us know. We have some amazing ideas up our sleeves!