Ecommerce SEO

Leave it to us to bring customers to your online store with our ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce websites often have 100s of product categories and 1000s of different products. That often leads to duplication of content, and Google does not take to duplication of content kindly.

Add to it the problem of limited copy on most ecommerce websites and search engine optimization for ecommerce gets really tricky.

At Semwhizz, we understand the difference between ecommerce SEO and traditional SEO. There are various nuances you have to take care to rank your ecommerce portal right up there. We can take care of all those nuances to make sure you are ranked at the very top of Google and other search engines.

Did you know getting your results in Google images can help get significant traffic to your website?

When it comes to ecommerce SEO, it pays to target different kind of media. Targeting just the general search results isn’t going to fetch you long term returns. A holistic approach to search engine rankings is what we adopt at Semwhizz.

Are you migrating from Zencart to Magento?

We can help you out. There are quite a few things you need to keep in mind for ecommerce SEO when migrating from one ecommerce platform to the other. That includes content on category pages, handling layered navigation and more. Sounds too much? At Semwhizz, we have got it all covered.

When you hire Semwhizz as your ecommerce SEO company, here is what you get:

Assured results within the shortest possible time

At Semwhizz, we value time, money and commitment. We always stand by what we commit to deliver. When we take on your project of ecommerce SEO for your ecommerce portal, we make sure you rank for the maximum keywords in minimum possible time.

With our ecommerce SEO services, we give you the time advantage over your competitors. When you rank a month sooner than your competitors on those coveted keywords, you can expect a significant amount of difference in traffic.

Of course, building a loyal customer base depends on your products and pricing.

But, we get you those customers that you can then convert into loyal customers.

No false promises

Given our experience when it comes to ecommerce SEO, we have a fair idea of the amount of time it would take to rank for a particular set of keywords. That allows us to give you the right estimate of time when it comes to ecommerce SEO.

We will never give you a 2 month hope when the actual task would take around 3 months. That is not how we do business at Semwhizz.

The right advice

Sometimes, you are never quite sure how to get visibility on Google and other search engines. You have built a great website but you just aren’t sure of how you would get traffic to your website. At Semwhizz, we can build a customized ecommerce SEO strategy for your ecommerce business.

We analyze your products and the related keywords to come up with a strategy that will most likely win you the game. Most of the times, it is a combination of competitive and less competitive keywords, but the strategy varies from portal to portal.

We never let your investment go waste

With our ecommerce SEO services, we give you quantifiable returns on your investment. We will never charge you and then fail to fulfill our commitments.

If you are looking to rank your ecommerce portal in a legitimate and fast way, get in touch with us. We are here to help you through our ecommerce SEO services.