HTML 5 Web Design

HTML5 is the future of the web. Act now for a brighter online future. Embrace HTML5 web design

HTML5 Web Design Services

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have heard about HTML5. It is the latest to hit the online world, one which promises to change it for good.

So, what is HTML5?

In simple terms, it is another revised version of HTML, a popular coding language used to build websites.

What is the hype all about?

If you have been wondering why developers and designers are going gaga over HTML5 web design, here is the reason- HTML5 increases the possibilities of web designing.


To start with, HTML5 is built on the concept of interactive web design. Simply put, when used effectively, you don’t have to design separate websites for mobile devices and desktops. With HTML5, your website can transform itself automatically based on the device it is being accessed on.

How is that important?

There are loads of different kinds of mobile devices out there, each with different screen resolutions, screen sizes. Just compare two versions of Apple’s iPhone itself and you would know the difference. If you were to optimize your website for each kind of mobile device out there, it would be a humungous task.

There are tablets, smartphones, mini-handheld devices and a whole lot more. A smarter solution to optimizing your website for all those different platforms is HTML5.

Why do you need to optimize?

It is predicted that by 2015, there will be about 1 billion smartphone and tablet users around the world. With increasing capabilities in the mobile market, people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access internet.

In effect, that means, by 2015, 1 billion people will potentially access internet on their mobile devices more frequently than they would on their desktops. As a business, that’s a huge audience to cater to.

If your potential audience cannot access your website correctly on mobile devices, you are set to lose business.

But that’s not what HTML5 is all about!

With HTML5 web design, you get a cleaner and more sophisticated user experience. You also get better integration of multimedia like videos and audio which lets you do away with Flash and similar elements.

How can we help you?

We can help you take advantage of HTML5 with our HTML5 web design services. At Semwhizz, we have HTML5 web designers who are adept at taking advantage of different aspects of this revised coding language.

With our HTML5 web designing, we can help you:

Create more interactive websites-

HTML5 is about creating websites that literally talk to your audience. With our knowledge and creativity, we can accomplish that for your business.

Increase your conversion rates-

Design is an important part of conversion optimization. HTML5 web design allows you to create better user experience, thus increasing your conversion rate. At Semwhizz, we can use the features of HTML5 to get you more business!

Lower costs-

Logically speaking, creating 1 website that works across 5 platforms is always cheaper than creating 5 different websites for 5 different platforms. With our HTML5 web design services, you also lower your designing costs.

Decrease time to market-

Sometimes, it is crucial to reach your audience before your competitor does. We can help you decrease your time to market with our efficient and reliable HTML5 web design services.

Let us know if you would like our help in creating better websites for your business. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to take things forward with you!