Linkedin Marketing

Let other businesses know you better. It helps whether you are a B2B or a B2C, because businesses have people too behind them!

Linkedin Marketing Services

Linkedin might be number 3 in the world of social media networks, but very often, it is not utilized to its full potential as a marketing tool by individuals and businesses alike. Most tend to give it the least priority in their marketing strategies.

If you have adopted a similar approach too, here are some reasons why it is not a very good strategy:

  • There are more than 135 million members on Linkedin, and every second, a new member joins the site.
  • Top executives from Fortune 500 companies are there on Linkedin.
  • Linkedin has significant influence on your search engine rankings.

With Linkedin marketing, you can directly reach out to people who matter in the business world!

At Semwhizz, we understand the importance of Linkedin as an online marketing tool. That’s why, we offer Linkedin marketing services that help you increase your clientele directly.

Linkedin marketing is more than just about your profile page

Most people and organizations tend to make a profile page on Linkedin and then forget about it, hoping that their target audience would find them. But Linkedin is just like any other social media platform. It takes active participation and an engaging dialogue to use Linkedin as a lead generation tool.

Semwhizz’s Linkedin marketing services can help you get those leads, thus converting Linkedin into a branding and lead generation tool for you.

We scourge the groups, search people and organizations, and get you hot leads to act upon.

Groups and forums on Linkedin often have people discussing issues about an industry, posting their requirements for services and products etc. At Semwhizz, scourging these potential opportunities for business is a vital part of our Linkedin marketing services.

We help you connect with people with whom you can forge profitable partnerships. But it does not end at that alone.

Marketing on Linkedin could significantly cut down on your human resource bills

There is tons of talent on Linkedin, waiting to be hired. You can directly reach out to this talent, thus cutting down on the costs of hiring talent for your organization. But with thousands of new profiles added each day on Linkedin, searching potential candidates can be a daunting task.

At Semwhizz, we can make that task simpler with our Linkedin marketing solutions. We can bring that talent to you, thus making Linkedin a potential hiring ground for you.

It just gets better with Linkedin ads

Linkedin isn’t just about recommendations, discussions on forums, searching people and sending add requests. With Linkedin ads, you can get your message across to organizations and individuals loud and clear.

Most people on Linkedin have a high disposable income, thus making them a better option for an advertising and marketing campaign.

At Semwhizz, we can help you reach out to your target audience through Linkedin ads too. In fact, our Linkedin marketing services are a blend of intelligent advertising campaigns and active engagement to give you the best results.

If you have been looking for cost effective ways to get leads from Linkedin and other social media networks, we can make it happen for you.

For help with Linkedin and social media marketing, get in touch with us at Leave it to us to make your online marketing strategy profitable.