Website Redesigning

We never let you lose your customers, or your search engine rankings, when we redesign your website.

Website redesigning services

Change is the only constant in life, and in the online world as well!

If you have a web presence, chances are, you will think of revamping it at some point.

Maybe you were not very happy with the first effort, or maybe the image of your business has changed; or it could be simply because the design has become a little outdated. There could be several reasons behind redesigning a website.

But website redesigning can be a deceptively simple task.

If you don’t pay attention, you could lose a lot of business with your website redesign efforts!

Most people are scared that redesigning their website would cost them their search engine rankings. They are right in being scared to a large extent. When you redesign your website, you could lose a lot of backlinks you have built over the years. That could lead to loss of search engine rankings.

Then there is the risk of search engine crawlers not crawling your new pages, and a whole lot more.

But those risks do not mean you shouldn’t redesign your website. There are ways those risks can be mitigated. And mitigating those risks is what we are here for.

We are a web redesign company that can help you make the transition from a good website to an awesome one!

At Semwhizz, we offer end to end website redesigning services. From figuring out the elements of the website to redesign, to taking care of redirections and everything else, we ensure a smooth transition.

It doesn’t have to be a complete revamp of the website for us to accept the project. We help you out with even the most minor and basic of changes!

The Semwhizz differentiator

We never let you make a mistake-

Sometimes, you may be keen on website redesigning simply because a friend of yours has suggested so. However, just because you are giving us business does not mean we will push you down a hole! At Semwhizz, we never let you make a mistake. We always give you advice that is in your best interests.

Everyone is equal-

We have small as well as large businesses as our clients. And ever since our existence, we have treated every client of ours with equal importance. Just because you have a small project does not mean we will put you on the backburner. We never do that!

The best price-

Of course cost matters. At Semwhizz, we have priced our web redesign services optimally. You always get the right price for the service delivered. When the project is complete, you will never feel you have been overcharged. In fact, most of the times, our clients are pleasantly surprised with the quality of services delivered.

We let our work speak for us!

If you are looking to get your website revamped, get in touch with us. We can promise we will exceed your expectations. Just shoot us an e-mail at and we will be happy to take things forward!